sierrasequoya asked:
How do I submit a photo of chachi from her webcast today

If you have the picture printscreened or saved or whatever, go onto my blog and one of the tabs says ‘submit’. Click that, and then format it like a normal photoset/text post.

Hope that helps haha, x

Anonymous asked:
Okay so people tell me I shouldnt be a fan if chachi because I don't dance. But I really dont think that matters because I relay love her cause she funny and nice and everything else and I just think she's amazing. What do you think

I don’t think you have to dance to be a fan of chachi. That’s like saying you need to be able to sing to be a fan of a singer or a band, it’s ridiculous. I don’t dance regularly. I only go to workshops around 2 or 3 times a year but I would definitely 100% call myself a fan of hers.

You don’t need to be a dancer to appreciate the talent.

hey i have a chachi based youtube and wanted to get myself out there if you could post this? c:

-I received this quite a while ago, sorry for only just uploading it!

But, check this out! X

Happy 18th Birthday Chachi! ♥

Anonymous asked:
how long have you been a fan of chachi for ?

Since late 2011, around November time.

Chachi is 18 tomorrow! So proud of how far she’s come at such a young age ♥