chiquiiblr asked:
i'm just wondering, what is chachi's face shape? i mean she looks cute at any angle everytime i look at her :)

I would say either a heart shape or rounded face shape, or a combination of the two.

confusedvariety asked:
just wondering, but do you think chachi's hair is a little thin? i've seen some recent pics and i mean sure when her hair was long it looked a little thick but too me it looks like it's kind of thinned out? maybe from dying? even when her hair was long, when she straightened it didn't look the thickest. is this just me? (i'm not saying her hair is thin. i'm just wondering if you think her hair isn't the thickest either :) )

I don’t think her hair is majorly thick but she has been keeping it a lot shorter and in shape which is bound to change the shape and thickness. When her hair was long I don’t think she got it cut as often so it was a lot thicker. I think with the length her hair is now, if it was too thick it would be too hard to maintain but yeah haha.

stepthestreetup asked:
can You please post Your icon? it's so perfect <3

I will do if I can find it haha

sierrasequoya asked:
How do I submit a photo of chachi from her webcast today

If you have the picture printscreened or saved or whatever, go onto my blog and one of the tabs says ‘submit’. Click that, and then format it like a normal photoset/text post.

Hope that helps haha, x

Anonymous asked:
Okay so people tell me I shouldnt be a fan if chachi because I don't dance. But I really dont think that matters because I relay love her cause she funny and nice and everything else and I just think she's amazing. What do you think

I don’t think you have to dance to be a fan of chachi. That’s like saying you need to be able to sing to be a fan of a singer or a band, it’s ridiculous. I don’t dance regularly. I only go to workshops around 2 or 3 times a year but I would definitely 100% call myself a fan of hers.

You don’t need to be a dancer to appreciate the talent.